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At Canine Manners and More, we offer personalized training for your pet dog.

Select from one of our packages, or we’ll be happy to work with you to create the perfect package for your dog’s needs. Please keep reading for detailed information on the packages we provide along with all associated costs.


In-Home Lesson Packages – Fully Customized Based on Your Needs

Canine Manners

Customized 5 lesson package for dogs over five months of age. Any obedience skill can be worked on (sit, down, stay, come, loose leash walking, door dash, leave it, drop it).


Puppy Beginnings

Single session up to 90 minute lesson. Includes crate training, socialization, biting, jumping, house training, and information on best practices for feeding and how much your dog should weigh.


Puppy Primer Plus

(Plus housetraining) Six lessons, including a socialization outing. House training basics, sit, down, trade (to prevent resource guarding), leadership exercises, wait for meals, jumping, bite inhibition, and come—the final lesson is away from the house for socialization. Package limited to dogs under five months of age. Six total lessons.


House Training

Single session up to 90 minutes with follow-up for one month. Includes one month of access to a shared document to track progress and follow up as needed through text/email/phone calls.


Adolescent Manners

3-Lesson package including a place cot. Jumping, barking, waiting at the door and for meals, and other lack of self-control issues.


E-collar Recall

(Includes an e-collar) Conditions dogs to the e-collar and teaches them to come when called. One 90-minute lesson.


If you are interested in any of these packages, please get in touch.


Pet Manners Stay and Train

Two Week Basic Manners

Attention, come when called (recall), down, sit, take treats nicely, wait at doorways and mealtimes, beginning crate training. Not for dogs with separation anxiety or which may cause harm to themselves or the crate. Prong collar included.


Three Week Intermediate Manners

Everything covered in our Basic Manners program plus: loose leash walking, going to your place, stop jumping, stop barking on command, stop stealing items from the counter, stop begging, and e-collar recall. E-collar and place cot included.


Four Week Advanced Manners

Everything covered in our Basic & Intermediate Manners programs plus: leave it, drop it, sit politely for petting, socialization and leadership exercises, and placement to the owner’s side. E-collar and place cot included.


Five Week Manners Program

Everything covered in our Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Manners programs plus: confidence building, load into a vehicle, sit and down stays, stand, bite inhibition. For puppies less than six months old. E-collar and place cot included.


Six Week Manners

Everything covered in all other programs plus: housetraining, nail trim and grooming training, attention heeling, and tricks that train. E-collar and place cot included.


If you are interested in any of these packages, please get in touch.
Canine Manners & More

Your Dog Deserves Training that Will Lead to a Lifetime of Happiness

Training your dog right means a personalized plan that works for you both. The tools and strategies I provide will help your dog become all he can truly be. Contact me today, and let’s get started!

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